3 Legged Pundit Photography | My Introduction to Light – Anupam Thombre
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My Introduction to Light – Anupam Thombre

My Introduction to Light – Anupam Thombre

LIGHT !! Its very simple , but absolutely technical at the same time. It has always bamboozled me, in every step of my life. The chapters on light, physics, concave and convex lenses in 8th grade or those calculate at what speed will light travel in 10th grade, I have always been confused ! The reason is, light is so simple… if you spread out your hand in front of beam of light through leaves in the garden, the beam stops there on your hand, and you conquer it right there !! What’s the effi’n need to study it so technically !

And now, I play with light every single minute, either bending it, adding to it, reducing it, modifying it or making it pass through various filters , changing the entire concepts that I studied till my post grads.


I still remember that day, in my childhood when my grand-pop showed me a camera for the first time allowing it in my tiny hands. I just loved the flashgun, gleefuly firing it away making everyone clinch their eyes ! The films, that sound of mechanical iris move and that film rolling spindle…Ahhh !!! I just got blown away by that ! Never did I imagine that the same camera would proudly sit in a special glass cabinet in my office 20 years later, always giving me those happy memories of my grand-pop !


Before leaving to UK for my Masters, in 2011 I was never inclined towards photography as such ! I did not have a DSLR and carried out small point and shoot that my dad had purchased (while taking reviews from the photo-enthusiast relatives; you don’t get to see these cameras anymore I assume)

The day I reached there, and gazed through the wide open pastures, old London buildings, cozy pubs and cafes, majestic Tower of London …my brain went into a frenzy of frames and compositions. Since betting is legel in these countries, I decided to take help from a university friend who was an Arsenal fan-boy and started accumulating pounds.

I remember that day when I stepped into Sony Showroom to buy the Sony NEX-3K system, which was the second best what Sony had to offer after NEX-5K system.


And from that day onwards, my journey began, a wanderlust hippie with a camera in hand , and a mind full of colors ! Opportunities came my way, taking me to breathtaking places like BenNevis, those splendid Lochs in Scotland, charming Edinburgh, dark and grim streets of London…to name a few !!!


And then one day…I understood that I would need a far better and advanced machine in my hands as my knowledge increased and mind was way ahead to try some serious experiments, which I was not able to do on my micro four thirds sensor !!

I was advancing and new things coming in my wake had to be satisfied otherwise thinking about those would not let me study, or even have a relaxed gulp of Jack Danials on rock on a free evening at the university pub …