3 Legged Pundit Photography | My Introduction to Light- Part 2
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My Introduction to Light- Part 2

My Introduction to Light- Part 2

And yes…as I sat brooding in the pub sipping on my Malibu on rocks and waiting for an Arsenal – Man City match to finish and make some mullah on the gunners, while Amazon advertising some close-up filters for my simple Sony 50 mm f1.8 lens, a rather plastic barrel with glass in front, a fantastic idea ran across my mind. I jumped up abruptly, took two small Malibus and ran to my room. Opened up our University Facebook page and posted an advert to start collecting like minded fellow students to start a small photography club.


I waited for 3 days , and then my blackberry did a small twoot to notify me of a notification.

A very dear friend of mine had probably shared my advert without notifying me and it had attracted a whomping 120 students from various colleges all around UK. I could believe my eyes and I started responding them individually.

Over time 80 like minded, light loving artists met at Sheffields, mostly 60 % Indians out of them. We raised a proposition of starting a monthly photowalk in specific cities on UK where everyone would be guests to each of the members.



This went on for 8 months, till the time I had to leave back to India to my family, and a life full of boring chores, job, travelling from my home in the  city to Hinjewadi and back which took 1 hour either way, 2 if it was a bad day. Slowly life started becoming chaotic, boring and monotonous…. That camera took a backseat in my life, lenses went back into cupboards, BusinessObjects took priority in my grey-matter and all the frames , compositions, colours started fading slowly.


And I finally got married to my girl who I was dating for 3 years. New responsibilities, one more life depending on me, cut throat competition in office to go on site etc. etc…

And one fine day I saw an event published on social networking site where a certain fine arts photographer , Lalit was arranging a tour to Bhigwan with his team. I jumped to this opportunity and asked Shruti to join me !! She loved photography and readily agreed.


I got registered to Primes and Zooms and booked a 5D mk iii with a 150-600 Tamron hoping that my equipment would be the best, unparalleled canon to shoot some greater flamingoes in marshes. And on the day before the tour, I caught heavy cough and cold…Aarrrrghh ! In the dire need to get some rest to my throat I decided to humidify my throat using steam, and dropped boiling water on my foot, covered in socks. In agonizing pain, I pulled off the sock, thus leading to shedding off upper layer of skin and then don’t ask… It was nightmare.


An I still went to the tour the next day, limping and sporting a heavy bandage on my foot.

If I would not have gone to that tour, I would have met Shriram, and I wouldn’t be writing this blog either !!!